近期有群众在国务院“互联网 督查”平台上反映,广东揭阳的普宁市、惠来县存在超载货车买卖“路牌”问题。国办督查室随即派员赴两地进行了暗访督查。

Recently, the masses have reflected on the platform of``Internet inspection'' under the State Council that there is a problem of overloaded truck trading``road plate'' in Huilai County in Puning City, Jieyang, Guangdong Province. The Supervision Office of the State Administration of the People's Republic of China immediately sent personnel to the two places for concealed visits and inspections.


Shifu Lu, a freight-free owner, has several trucks under him and has been in Puning for many years. Lu said Puning and surrounding sand and gravel resources, transport sand and gravel is the main local freight business. Some car owners to earn more money, cannot avoid overloading, but was seized by the law enforcement authorities, will be subject to high penalties.


Master lu has counted a sum of accounts, he pulled sandstone back and forth four or five hundred kilometers, plus the loading and unloading time of more than ten hours, after deducting vehicle depreciation and expenses, each trip down the profit is very little left. If the penalty twice, a month is equal to dry, sometimes car loans are not on.


The high fines made the owners of the sand and gravel too much to eat, so they gave birth to a \"road sign\" business locally. The so-called \"road sign\" is a sticker with various patterns, through the \"middleman\" can be purchased, the price of 1800 yuan \/ month, and need to change once a month,\" road sign \"on the car can be unobstructed.


In some of the car parks in Puning and Huilai, the team found that the front windshield or body of many vans had a variety of \"road signs\" with the words Pegasus, Lotus, Apple or Anshun.


It is reported that the scope of use of different \"road signs\" is also different. The $2,500\" road sign \"can be used across regions. Like this loyal Pegasus known as the \"road sign \", in the entire Chaoshan area are unobstructed.


Car owners also reflect that sometimes traffic law enforcement officials are afraid of a secret visit or inspection, will also have \"road signs\" of overloaded vehicles, and this punishment is only a formality. A fine of 200 yuan, up to 1000 yuan, next month to pay the \"protection fee \", the previous payment of the fine will be deducted from there.


The General Office of the State Council's Opinions on Further Promoting the Reduction of Logistics Costs and Increasing Efficiency in Promoting the Development of the Real Economy stipulates that traffic and traffic police departments shall jointly enforce the law on the basis of highway overrun checkpoints, and traffic law enforcement personnel shall be responsible for weighing and checking, and shall supervise and unload the overloaded vehicles. So, the traffic police departments of Puning and Huilai in the control of vehicles beyond the limit, whether strictly in accordance with the regulations of the State Office?


On November 21,2019, inspectors found a \"hundred-ton king\" with \"happy sheep\" and \"road signs\" in front of a car loaded with sand and gravel in a secret visit, which was seized by traffic law enforcement officers on the 324 National Road in Huilai County. The king of 100 tons, escorted by law enforcement vehicles, drove to a parking lot. But \"100 tons king \"only parked opposite the parking lot, in the scene of a man's intervention,\"100 tons king\" was soon released.


Originally,\" happy sheep \"is Puning's road sign, in Huilai site does not work. And the back of the \"100 tons of King \", the purchase of Huilai \"road signs \", so, the law enforcement can be confirmed on the release.


The inspectors then found the inspection station and unloading yard according to the brand guide of an over-limit and overload detection station. However, the unloading yard is very empty, and there is no sand and stone unloaded due to overload, and there are no personnel on duty in the office. It is reported that this is actually the parking lot of a company, and this place is rented by the over-limit detection station.


In Puning and Huilai, in addition to the well-known \"hidden rules\" of buying and selling \"road signs \", cargo box modification is also a local industry. In particular, pull the owner of sand and gravel for Dora fast running, almost every car's cargo box are illegally installed baffles.


Inspectors learned from a car repair shop in Puning that the baffle has hand and electric, plus 30 cm electric baffle more than 10,000. One of the workers said the shop was very hot.


According to van drivers, there are many \"black refueling points\" in the roadside or parking lot of Puning and Huilai. These \"black fuel points\" are about $1 a litre cheaper than regular petrol stations, where many truckers are filling up to save money.


The inspection team drove 10 kilometers along the section of the town of lihu in the 238 provincial road of putin, and saw four refueling points in residential or facade rooms along the roadside. Some of them sold with plastic barrel oil, others led the tubing to the door to fuel the van. There are serious safety risks.


After a secret visit to guangdong jieyang cargo chaos inspection, the state office of inspection office, in the local, through the sale of \"road signs\" to collect protection fees have formed a mature gray interest chain, there is a serious problem of inaction, seriously damaged the image of the party and government.


First, the local governments do not know enough about the major decision-making arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, such as strengthening road traffic safety, improving the working environment of the freight transport market, and speeding up the transformation and upgrading of the road freight transport industry, and do not fully implement the concept of safety development, fail to establish the proper traffic safety responsibilities, improve the coordination mechanism of safety supervision and control, neglect the management of major safety risks such as the serious overloading of local transportation industry and the rampant \"black fuel point \", and seriously endanger the people's life and property safety.


Second, it has not firmly established the people-centered idea of development, and its aim is indifferent, and it has failed to listen to and solve the problems strongly reflected by the freight drivers many times, resulting in the vicious competition in the local freight market, which has eroded the \"interest space\" of the freight drivers'legal transportation, increased their operating costs and economic burden in disguise, and even forced them to compete for the supply of goods through modification or overloading.


Third, the implementation of the state-imposed system of joint law enforcement, such as \"one super-four penalties\" and other systems is not in place, the work is a mere formality, the highway overload inspection stations are virtually empty, and the problems of formalism and bureaucracy are prominent.